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3 Must-See Annual Events in Phuket, Thailand

3 Must-See Annual Events in Phuket, Thailand

What usually comes to mind when one speaks of Phuket, Thailand? It may be thought of cool waters of azure beaches of white sand. Or leakage breathtaking scenery offered by inspiring. It might even be stuffed stations and hotels Phuket is famous for. Apart from these, popular destination Thailand is also home to a community of people pulse of life and moved by their culture alive. And every year, they illustrate these traditions with a colorful display of festivals for the world to see.

The Songkran Festival

On 13 April of each, the whole of Thailand celebrates the most important of their calendar, the Thai New Year. Traditionally, the event marks a period of purification and renewal, where people take part in religious rituals that involve praying in temples, cleaning of Buddha images, and sprinkling scented water on the hands of seniors.

In modern times, the feast of three days the public has taken a direction more modern and fun. Imagine an entire country in the streets splashing each other with water. Buckets and water pistols are still used by the enthusiastic crowd who joined joy. Joyous celebration is in good spirits and high as they welcome the new year with new blessings.

Loi Krathong festival

This fascinating Thai festival held every November on the night of the full moon. Have taken its roots in the Indian Lantern Festival, the occasion is marked by Krathongs floating on the water. These small boats are shaped lotus made of banana leaves and often include flowers, candles and incense provided at Phra Mae Khongkha, the goddess of water. Others have also put strands of hair or nail clippings to deviate from the specifications and the sins of the past year. These boats are sent floating down the river or in Phuket on Patong Beach or Saphan Hin, followed by fireworks in the sky and festivities throughout the country.

King's Cup Regatta

The competition was launched in 1987 in honor of the King of Thailand, a boating enthusiast passionate, and in celebration of its 60th anniversary. The event occurs every year from now, hundreds of participants from around the world who participate in competitive sailing tail. Celebrated in Nai Harn Bay every first week of December is the sailing competition the largest and most famous in Southeast Asia.

With dozens of festivals and events, it is clear that there is so much to see and do than relax on the beach. In fact, these events are scattered throughout the year, offering travelers a lot of wonderful opportunities to engage in its traditions. And they are also reasons not to miss the special offers of accommodation similar to the Sensive Hill Hotel in Phuket, Thailand, where various specials can be enjoyed throughout the year.

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