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Bangkok Songkran Festival and the annual

Bangkok Songkran Festival and the annual

Songkran is the name given to the Thai New Year, which is said to be similar to the New Year in South India that is celebrated in the month of April. In the past, the date of Songkran is based on the lunar calendar and is a celebration of the equinox, but they have now set dates to between 13 and 15 April. In case these dates fall on a weekend, the Thai government declared the day of the week following holidays to compensate. The Songkran Festival is one of the most important festivals throughout Thailand, with the festivities that take place across the country.

Traditions that are followed during Songkran vary from region to region, however, the tradition that is common to most of Thailand is water throwing. Over the three days of Songkran, people can be found along the road from the water in containers, while some young people choose to use water guns. Passersby a chance to get wet when they walk on the road, but it is done in a festive spirit. The Songkran festival, people wash their homes and spend the day visiting the temples and monasteries to donate food.

In Bangkok, the tradition also includes a competition where women from this region in particular set up a display of their beauty and talent, which is then judged by the local community. There are also many areas of Bangkok that deal with the day like April Fool's Day, where pranks are played on the men young women in the region.

The New Year celebrations in Thailand are special in many respects in that they involve such color and splendor Hogmanay in Scotland is certainly up there with New York when it comes to see in the new year, but in Songkran Thailand is certainly without doubt one of the best options. Thai weather, delicious food and genuine friendliness and attitude of its inhabitants made a great feast and the location of the New Year.

During this three-day festival, it's almost tiring at the end of that 3 days of fun and hot and spicy Thai cuisine for tourists are very affordable cocktails. Down in the islands Singkran also includes a large number of festivals and events and beach for many travelers, there are few places that can compete with such a site and place to spend.


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