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Bangkok, Thailand Travel Guide

Bangkok, Thailand Travel Guide

Central Thailand contains one of the most amazing and exciting world, Bangkok. This city offers visitors a glimpse into the real life in Thailand and provides them with exotic sights, luxury hotels, family fun activities, and part of a kind nightlife experience that will be remembered throughout his life. The city offers unforgettable state of art skyscrapers, shopping malls and modern shopping, and a touch of mystery around every corner. Bangkok tourists will be completely convinced that they have experienced Thai culture, cuisine, shopping, nightlife, and then some after a few days in this city that never sleeps.

Tourism is one of the most important things to do when visiting Bangkok. The city is full of temples that are a part of the most beautiful Thai architecture in the country. Some of the most popular temples include Wat Pho and Wat Phra Kaew. Most first time visitors choose to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a guide who will spend time showing sites of this great city. If your time is limited and must be maximized, a guide is highly recommended.

In addition to visiting the many temples in the city and other attractions foreground can be seen with a guide or self-guided tour includes the Grand Palace, Dusit Zoo and Hall, Temple Mount and the National Museum, which are all located in the area of ​​Banglamphu. Tours of the magnificent Grand Palace depict the official residence of the Thai monarchy. The palace was built in 1782 and located many monarchs including King Chulalongkorn. The palace is open to the public every day. The Grand Palace does enforce a dress code - men must wear long trousers and women long skirts and long-sleeved shirts. You can pick up a pair of pants rental for a small deposit at the counter.

For travelers looking for a cost effective and user-friendly experience budget, Khao San Road is the place to visit. What was once a quiet residential street turned into a tourist commercialism which offers internet cafes, bars, nightclubs and shops. The area is famous in the film with the opening scene of the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio beach runs along Khao San Road. The area is also popular among the backpacker crowd wishing to participate in the purchase of pirated CDs and DVDs, drop clothes, luggage, and more.

Contrary to the reputation of the sordid nightlife of Bangkok, in the past, the city has turned a new page and turns offering some of the best places to go dark throughout Southeast Asia. Whatever your taste of Bangkok nightlife has something for everyone. Nightclubs enormous small intimate restaurant and bars, there is a place for everyone. Like most major cities, taxis and tuk-tuks are available on almost every corner to provide convenient transportation and inexpensive hot spots in the region.

Sukhumvit Road is an upscale, with 5 star hotels, bars, fun, and entertainment options. Of Nana Plaza, which offers a large complex full of go-go bars and restaurants for those who are ready for a night on the town. The area stores stay open late and guests have their free travel retail therapy until late into the night. Most malls and market areas of work long hours and do most of their business during the night. One of the many shops is the most popular night market in Silom Patpong area. If you can get past the seedy bars and continue in the market place, visitors will leave with a much coveted replica watches or handbags.

Most of the nightlife and shops close their doors 2:00, rather than going with a full 24-hour period. For this reason, the night can be slowed, but careful planning will allow for a wonderful experience in Bangkok. Many Western visitors return year after year because of the many attractions that can be found in this exotic country without disturbing their budget and emptying their wallets.

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