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Travel to the Kingdom of Ayutthaya, Thailand - Insider Tip To See The Most at lower cost

Travel to the Kingdom of Ayutthaya, Thailand - Insider Tip To See The Most at lower cost

There are many exotic destinations in Asia, where you have a sense of history, and you want to see an overview of the glorious times and the mystique of the past, nothing can be more exciting and informative than the ruins of a kingdom Ayutthaya Thailand.

Thailand, the vast land of smiles has more than good food and the sun, and perhaps this is the destination Ayutthaya called the best kept secret in Thailand.

We are not talking about the beautiful beaches that normally describe Thailand or nightclubs entertaintment debauchery that pigs of the beach scene, not even the exotic meals you can eat various insects and insects, including crickets, worms and cockroaches!

We are talking about remarkable ruins of the Ayutthaya kingdom in Thailand.

When I heard about the kingdom of Ayutthaya, this question just hit me: "Are not these almost similar to Angkor Wat in Cambodia?"

Be prepared to be surprised!

After visiting the famous Angkor Wat, the Kingdom of Ayutthaya greatly surprised with the difference.

Attached to the conjunction of Lopburi, Pasak and Chao Phraya river, the beautiful historic city of Ayutthaya was founded in 1350 by King U-Thong and was the capital of Thailand for 417 years, what was then known known as Siam.

Over the next 417 years it was ruled by 33 kings of different dynasties and repelled 23 Burmese invasions, before the Burmese finally managed to shave the ground.

The most important place to visit is the head of Buddha at Wat Mahatat.

Just in case you do not know, in a context of temples that stood the test of time and the ravages of the weather, the Head of Buddha or Wat temple is the most interesting facet of nature intervowing statue with partial the Awakened One - The Buddha.

Why this place is a must to visit?

Here you can see many headless Buddha statutes and a sanctuary where a particular tree Boddhis famous, with roots that seek to spread on a slate wall, especially exposed yet firmly rooted, as if to tell us a history of peace and stability in a world of uncertainty, interwoving its roots to cover statutue the revered Buddha, seeking to leave open the face of the Enlightened One.

What a spectacular sight!

Open face of the Great Buddha radiates a sense of peace and considerable heat, tranquility and end.

There is a sense of inner calm that unifies the problems in the inner chambers of the heart, so that irregardless of your religion, you instantly recognize the sanctity of this moment, the veneration of the Buddha ... and you leave the place with the same sense of wonder and awe that will stay with you forever.

Now, as it is the best kept secret to visit Thailand, how do I squeeze the most out of a tight budget in terms of time and money to see the Kingdom of Ayutthaya?

First, plan your visit. Get a map of Ayutthaya and write your destinations that you want to visit.

On the other hand, the first priority is to visit Wat Mahatat - Head of Buddha. This will allow you more time to enjoy the sights and scenes of this great kingdom as you bask in the glorious ruins.

Third, to use the services of your local taxi driver. You can get a very decent that you personally designed. Give him your destination, and it will set you with the all-round.

And as a bonus, my local taxi driver spoke only a little English. So he took along his college-going daughter to provide interpretation and acted as a guide fee. Be prepared to pay the entrance fee if you get a guide, but most sites do not need an interpreter to be with you.

Now, if you ever thought of visiting Thailand, remember that apart from the beaches, night live, the scence entertaintment, good food and shopping at the mall Paragon, there is a best kept secret, and This is the remarkable ruins of the Ayutthaya kingdom. You should not miss this when you travel to Thailand.

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