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Why Thailand a popular travel destination?

Why Thailand a popular travel destination?

Thailand, or the "Land of Smiles", as it is also called, is one of the most popular tourist destinations. When you ask someone what are its tourist destinations, Thailand is often the answer. What makes Thailand such a popular tourist destination? We will see that there are many contributing factors that make some of Thailand as a country popular.

Firstly, Thailand is not called the "Land of Smiles" for nothing, there is a good reason why he has that name. Thailand has a reputation for being a country that is very welcoming to tourists. Thais are friendly people, always smiling and trying to help when they can. They are really interested and have at heart that Thailand everyone who visits enjoys their stay. Even though this is a very good reason to visit Thailand, there is a little more than how is a must for all tourists.

Another reason would be the rich culture and history. When you visit Thailand, you will be amazed at the number of large temples that you can find everywhere. While in Bangkok, everyone must go through the Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha. After that, if you go north towards Chiang Mai or south to Phuket, you will find many temples and a rich culture that is truly unique. Ayutthaya is a great spectacle for the eyes and is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. But there is not only beautiful temples and ruins to visit in Thailand, the country's natural beauty is one of its greatest assets.

The beaches in the south, the mountains and the rainforest north, there really is something for everyone in Thailand. Phuket is one of the best destinations in South East Asia and for good reason. The beaches were beautiful, the weather is great, what can you ask for? In Thailand, there are beaches more beautiful than you can possibly hope to visit during your trip, you must choose carefully. Koh Phi Phi is one of the most popular and became famous after the movie The Beach. There are hundreds of tourists visiting Koh Phi Phi daily. But the North also has its charm, even if another type of charm. If you want to do a little jungle trek, you will be delighted by the turn of Chiang Mai. It is a very rewarding experience to do a jungle trek in the mountains around Chiang Mai and visit small villages.

Shopping is another reason why so many people go to Thailand. Bangkok is becoming a shopper's paradise. There are huge shopping centers being built around the town and the prices are very good. You can find many good deals if you look around and can also find the best brands in major malls such as Siam Paragon and Central World. If you pass through Bangkok, you must go to Chatuchak Market weekend, the largest open market in the world. There are more than 15,000 booths and every day hundreds of thousands of people go to the market.

Thai food is another reason why people want to go to Thailand. Everyone knows Thai food, it is very popular and is gaining popularity in Europe and North America. In Thailand, Thai food is much better than what you'll find nowhere else, and there are restaurants everywhere. There are so many choices of food arriving in Thailand, you will not eat. Thai cuisine is very diverse, as there are specialties form the north of Thailand and also form the South. You should really try Pad Thai when you arrive in Thailand, you will fall in love with this meal.

Finally, the last reason is the price. Aside from airfare, living in Thailand is really cheap. You can find nice hotels for about U.S. $ 30 and if you eat in small restaurants, it will cost you about $ 2. Activities are also very cheap, as is the journey. Stay in Thailand will not cost you as much as the ticket if you want to stay on a budget. You could easily spend a lot of money if you stay in hotels because there are prizes for everyone, but you can easily spend very little each day.

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